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Exclusive horse trailers with superior features

New: the Hotra Suprême

The Hotra Suprême is our showpiece. An elegant and cleverly styled horse trailer, equipped with the best features. The trailer provides comfort for your horse as you hit the road.

 Discover our Hotra Suprême

Available throughout Europe

Hotra’s quality-made horse trailers are available throughout Europe. Discover the many benefits of our showpiece - the Hotra Suprême - at a dealer near you.

Design your own Hotra Supreme

On this website you can easily choose which colors and unique features you want for your very own Hotra Suprême. The Hotra Suprême is available from 8495,- euro.

Hotra Suprême, comfortably hitting the road with your horse

Hotra Trailers, specialists in horse transportation

At Hotra Trailers we have earned our stripes in the horse industry. With over 25 years of experience, we can call ourselves specialists in horse transportation. Our years of experience together with the input and feedback of our customers resulted in exclusive horse trailers.

Superior features, a beautiful and aerodynamic design and made out of high quality polyester: our horse trailers have it all. What’s in it for you? Hitting the road with your horse has never been more comfortable.

Complete your Hotra Suprême with stunning features